Katz Mulk

film by Rob Lye

Katz Mulk is a performance collective featuring the hands, brains, legs, and torsos of Andrea Kearney, Ben Knight, Ben Morris, and Siân Williams. Their work pulls together crude electronics, field recordings, narrative fragments, dance, and sculpture to create a sticky radiophonic syrup. Katz Mulk seek to inhabit the marginal spaces in-between structure and improvisation; producing performances in which bodies, sounds, and voices mingle and cohere into an awkward present. They have performed across the UK and Europe and have released Katzenzungen on Sacred Tapes, and Husks on Singing Knives Records. 

Listen at: www.soundcloud.com/katzmulk

Counterflows Festival, Glasgow, 2019. Performance with Letitia Pleiades. Photos by Yoshimi Miura and Dawid Laskowski

Experimentica at Chapter Gallery, Cardiff, 2019. Performance with Anushiye Yarnell and Fay Nicolson. Photos by Simon Ayre

Access Space, Sheffield, 2018

Electric Spring Festival, Huddersfield, 2018. Photos by Cristina Pedreira

Cafe Oto, London, 2017

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